Layout Research

Ephemera – things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time. Printed ephemera are items that were originally meant to be thrown away but have become collectibles such as tickets, posters etc. For our new brief we have been asked to create printed ephemera for a hypothetical designboom event celebrating 7 contemporary designers.

We did a quick task in recapping on kerning, tracking and leading and layout. We began to think about symmetrical and asymmetrical layouts and line lengths of a paragraph. This will help when designing out printed ephemeral so it is a strong piece of design.

layout research.jpg

I then moved on to looking at existing editorial layouts, these are a range of designs I like that I have gathered from Pinterest. From looking at these I will start to sketch potential ideas for layout designs taking influence from existing editorial designs.

editorial layouts.jpg

The 5 double spread pages below are examples of editorial layouts that I think are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and I think they use a positive amount of white space which shows a clear hierarchy in all designs.

double page spreads.jpg


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