The Great Graphics Bake Off

Every year level 4 are asked to design a poster for ‘The Great Graphics Bake Off’ which needed to be printed in A3 colour. This was a short project so because of the time scale I have used existing images of baking equitment off google images and edited them on photoshop by adding a half tone effect. I decided to put the text in blue and pink to anchor the colour scheme of the images. I think the negative space in the poster works well and I like the way that the rolling pin points towards to title, I think that this draws the eye to ‘The Great Graphics Bake Off’. I have used ‘Rockwell’ as the heading as it is a slab serif which works well with large pieces of text. For the rest of the text I have used the font ‘Helvetica’ as I think that this works well for the information of the text as it is quite a neutral font. If I had more time for the project I would have taken my own images instead of using existing images.



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