Acceptable in the Eighties

By looking at Postmodernism and Postcultural Style shows the clear links but also differences to 20th century subcultures that we have looked at in previous case studies. Polhemus states that the Postsubultural style is a ‘super market of style’ which suggests that this is a mash up of styles within one look, he also presumes that the 21st century don’t stay as one certain style for long. Bennet also believes this but refers to Postsubcultures as ‘neo-tribes’. Hodkins states that he did a study of british goths and acknowledged that there is a less defined style in the goth community but there is still a goth subculture. We read about Thorntons subcultural capital theory and how ‘being in the know’ is a big part of the 21st century which I agree with by the way that there is a mass group of people of all different styles and subculture that where brands which is seen to be ‘cool’ at the time. I think that there are still subcultures, in the 20th century street subcultures and styles was a way of making a statement and portraying your political and racial ideologies. Where as Postmodernism there are other ways as having your voice heard than through a subcultural style, technology and media has come such a long way that that is one of the biggest forms of having your voice heard but also subcultures coming together rather than on the streets. In this weeks session I have learnt how Postsubculture have no specific boundaries, they can create mash ups of 20th century subcultures which once again reflects to bricolage. I can use this in my practice by using Postmodernism designs and taking different sources from the past and fusing them together. We have seen this recurring bricolage in each case study we have looked at.


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