Hair Dressing Images


At the start of this project Ray used my previous work of the scissors and the comb for the pattern portrait as an example. Therefore I wanted to explore further into the hair dressing objects and do images for a hair dressing summer course for 18/19. I work in a hair dressers so on my shift I took photos of different elements in the salon that had potential to create interesting outcomes such as the water from the basin, brushes, hair mouse, clippers etc. I had such positive feedback about the healthy eating images and how I zoomed in to show the texture of the fruit and vegetables that I thought this could be used in a similar way. The four final images that I have chosen are bleach, a brush, a hair doughnut and water spray from the basin. I adjusted the brightness and contrast of these images to make them more interesting and striking. Even though I have used a similar technique to the healthy eating images by the way I have enhanced the brightness and contrast and cropped in to different elements of the photo. I think it has created a very different outcome to the healthy eating images whilst still being very visually effective. The colour scheme of the images group them stylistically and the way that they light shines on the objects shows texture well. We had specific measurements that we had to follow for the four final images and present them on an A3 piece of paper. Working to specific measurements was more difficult but I think the images work well together as a final outcome.

hair dressing A3 landscape.jpg


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