Cocktail Making Images

cocktail variations.jpg

We have been set a new task which is very similar to the last briefs where we had to create images for a summer course for 18/19 year olds although we have been given some more specific design requirements about the size of the final 4 images. I decided to take images for a cocktail making course, I wanted to the focus on a vibrant and colourful colour scheme. This is to show the fun aspect of the cocktail making course but because of how vibrant the images are I think it suggests a ‘drunk’ illusion for the eye. I have cropped into the photographs so it is more difficult to see what each image is of, this is also made more difficult by the colour scheme. The four final images I have chosen is of a cocktail shaker, sugar around the top of a cocktail glass, a lime and straws. I think the shape and textures of these images along with the bright and vibrant contrast makes them interesting and creates an visually aesthetic outcomes.

cocktail A3 portrait.jpg


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