David Hockney Inspired Project

david hockney.jpg

For this new project we had to get into pairs and looked at David Hockney’s style of photo collage to influence our project ideas. The brief stated that we could chose between the word ‘Journey’ or ‘Collaberation’ to do our pieces on, both of these had to include people in them. We started out by taking photos of a journey through eating food and the destruction of it. For example the journey of eating an apple and the way that it gets smaller as you eat it, we also looked at different food such as a wrap, a kit kat etc. We liked this idea although it did not include people, we considered taking photos of people in it eating the food but chose to think of a new idea.

journey photos.jpg

Meg and I chose to think of the journey of travelling, to represent this idea Meg took photos of me driving in different locations and angles showing the scenery changing as well as my body language and the steering wheel. We felt that this would be a good way to create movement in the piece. To achieve these looks we first started layering different aspects of photos on top of each other and adjusting the opacity which creates movement in the piece well. With the original colour scheme the image is quite difficult to see so each layer we changed the colour scheme. I think that this creates depth in the photo and makes it more interesting. We were happy with the image we created but wanted to experiment further into layering the photos and shapes with the same opacity to create a more abstract look. I think that this works well using the coloured rectangles as it is very striking. We tried these shapes layered on top of the background photo and also tried taking the background photo away and replacing with a white background. This also creates an interesting effect because of the use of negative space. Both of these styes are influenced by David Hockney, I like the the use of photography, layering, shapes and colour as it is interesting and visually aesthetic.


The final design that we decided to go for was the below image. I think that this is the strongest image because of the block coloured rectangles, the way that they are layered on top of each other and in different positions which creates an abstract look. The use negative space I think makes the rest of the image stand out more than having the whole image together. I think that you can see a strong link between our designs and David Hockney’s style which I think works well.

final david hockney design.jpg


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