How constellation can improve me as a designer

The subculture and identity module is something that I have become very interested in. I like the way that we look at different subcultures and start to understand what traditional elements a group of people take from the past and modify to create a certain meaning. ‘Cath’s Columns’ is a method that we have started to use to help describe and analyse an image as well as applying theory. For me this is a very effective technique as I usually feel quite confident about writing about an image but find it very difficult to apply theory, this is a good way to help me remember to research and include theory in my formative essay. I feel that this study group is helping me in Graphic Design because of the way that we have been looking at a range of different subcultures and the different elements that make up a subculture. The re-signification that occurs in all of the case studies has made me understand that as a designer I can look for inspiration from anywhere and take lots of ideas from a variety of areas and put them all together to influence my designs. I also like the way that different subcultures use anti-establishment by breaking the rules to create statements, I can apply this to my practice by looking at understanding traditional rules in design so I am able to try and break these ‘rules’ to create something innovative. This study group has made me think differently about my work, when I have started to design pieces I want my target audience to depict my work so they can try to understand the message I want to communicate. In constellation one thing I find particularly challenging is the reading materials as I find it quite difficult to process sources that I read. The way that Cath puts the material on Moodle prior to the lecture is helpful I am able to read it a few times before so I understand it more in the lecture. I still do not fully understand the reading material after reading it so the way that we summarise and break down the text by discussing it together is a way that I understand it well. Constellation is the area of CSAD that I was most worried about as I don’t think that writing is my strongest skill, although I am enjoying this session and find it very interesting learning about subcultures and styles.


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