Healthy Eating Images

Our brief for this image block is to take photographs for a summer course for 18/19 year olds. I have decided to do a healthy eating course so chose to use images of fruit and vegetables and group them stylistically.


I started off by sketching a variety of different fruit and vegetables using water colours and pens. I began to explore the compositions of the shot and how I would crop the fruit to focus on different aspects to make them interesting.

fuit photography blog.jpg

I took a range of different photographs and edited the colours by adjusting the brightness and contrast so they are colourful and look visually appealing. I took the photos on a white background so the fruit was the focal point, I think this makes them stand out well.

3 close up fruit images blog.jpg

I have put an image of the avocado, kiwi and apple together as I think they go well together as a group. The colours and the pips also groups them together well. I have also positioned them in a similar way on the left hand side of the page, this also connects them together. I like the green and brown colour scheme as I think they look organic and natural which represents healthy eating well.

fruit texture images blog.jpg

These are the final three images that I want to use for my healthy eating summer course for 18/19 year olds. I think that these images are grouped stylistically by showing the different textures of fruit. The top left image is a close up of a raspberry, I like the way that the light is shining on the raspberry and the vibrant colour. The top right image is a close up of an avocado, I like the contrast of the smooth bright green flesh inside the avocado, and the dark rough texture on the outside. The bottom image is a close up of a kiwi’s skin, I like the way that the hairs of the kiwi are focused at the edge and fade into a blur, I think this shows an interesting texture. I like how the way that the images are cropped as it doesn’t immediately look like fruit but it is still recognisable.


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