Photographic Pattern Portrait

For this project we had to take a photo of someone and two objects that relate to that person. I chose to use my sister, she is a hair dresser so the two objects that I have included in this piece is a hair comb and a pair of scissors. I have cropped into these images to focus on certain areas of the comb and scissors so the image is more implicit to make them interesting. I think that way that the scissors are layered on top of the comb as a separate image work well together. I have used a high contrast for the comb to make the teeth stand out more, I have added a slightly pink effect on the scissors, this is to anchor the colour of her dress. I have multiplied the image of the objects and repeated it and transformed them horizontally and vertically, this creates a separate image. I like the way that I have put these together as it creates an interesting pattern and the repetitive nature has a wallpaper look which is what I was going for. The image of my sister that I have chose goes with the piece well because of the detail in her dress which I think compliments the busy nature of the wallpaper effect. I have taken a photo of her on a plain white background as the dress and the wallpaper effect is very busy so needed some simplicity in the piece. I have also added boarders around the photo and the over all piece, I have used black and the dusty pink because of the colours in her dress. I think that the boarders make the over all image look more striking and balances the layout of the piece well.

photographic pattern portrait blog.jpg


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