Reading an Image and Representation

Moving on from last weeks ‘reading an image’ lecture with Cath Davies by using the columns analysis again. It has built in more depth my understanding from last weeks lecture that by analysing an image you can start you understand the designers ideas and messages behind their work. We looked at two James Bond posters, one from the 1960s and one from the 1980s. In both images I saw very strong similarities; the way that Bond is clearly the male protagonist, the iconography of the action genre, for example the gun, and the ideology that he is a stereotypical strong male. This is very consistent in the series of Bond film posters. Although the main difference in the two posters are the way that the female characters have been constructed. In the 1960s poster the females are wearing little clothing and look very sexual and in the 1980s poster the woman challenges this stereotypical ‘bond girl’ by the way her body language and facial expressions make her  look like a strong powerful woman but wearing no clothing which sexually objectifies her. From this lecture I have learnt how gender is represented and how sexually objectified women are to appeal to the male target audience in the bond franchise. This has taught me that in my practice I should create my pieces so an outsider is able to deconstruct my work to understand the messages I want to communicate to my target audience.


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