Digital Screen Print

variant-image-blogI have used a photograph that I took for the Cardiff photo task of a Cardiff Arcade. I chose this image because of the angles and shapes of the buildings and the way that your eye is drawn into the piece. To emphasise the geometric structure of the arcade I used the pen tool to create paths on top of some of the elements and filled the selected area with block colours. This was very time consuming as it is quite a complex image although I think that this technique works well with the photo because of the perspective angle. I have experimented with manipulating the photo of the arcade with different filters and layering it with the computer drawn arcade to create different effects. I have also experimented with hiding the original photo of the arcade and just having the computer generated design on a white background, I like the use of negative space in these as I think it looks striking. I have used similar colours as in the original image and used a range of different shades and tones of these colours, I think this is another way that it creates depth in the image. As screen printing works with black and white images I also experimented with filters such as the stamp tool, halftone effect, pixelating the image etc. Because of the monotone colour scheme and the high contrast these would be good images to use for the screen printing.

variant images.jpg


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