Explicit Portraits

Today we looked at explicit and implicit meaning of an image. Explicit – stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt. Implicit – suggested though not directly expressed. We got into pairs and had to describe ourselves to each other. I was paired with Ben who described himself as ‘sarcastic’, therefore we had to portray his sarcastic characteristics in a medium-close up shot. I think that this has come across well in the photo by his facial expressions, body language and hand gesture. I described myself as being a crazy person and shown this by pulling a silly face and pulling my plaits. I think this is a good explicit portrait to express my personality. We wanted a plain white background so there was no distractions and we were the focal point. By trying both images in black and white and colour we were able to see which colour schemes represent the image best. I think that the sarcastic portrait of Ben looks better in black and white as it looks striking in a monotone colour scheme. For the portrait of me I like both the black and white and the colour image although I think the colour one is more effective as it is more expressive and shows the fun ‘crazy’ aspect of the portrait.



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