Type Specimen Poster Feedback

Today we put out type specimens on the wall to present them to the group. We got into pairs and gave each other feed back about what we thought was good about their poster and what could be improved. When everyone had completed this task with their partner we presented our posters to the group getting feedback from everyone and the tutors.

On my poster they liked the strong layout of the design showing the heavy slab serif font and how it clearly fits in the grid system. They also liked how the heading ‘Rockwell’ was split in two as it is interesting. Although the whole poster is black on white, they thought that I could improve this by using various tones of black and white to show hierarchy. By changing all the elements to different shades of grey and the having the heading and context in black I think that this shows how the heading and information is the most important part of the poster, it also creates depth of field in my poster. Another element that they thought I could improve was the last line in my second paragraph was a widower and they thought that if I changed this is would look better. Therefore I have extended the first and second paragraph so it looks more visually appealing.

I liked this exercise as you were able to see everyone else posters and how varied they all are. I also liked how I was given feedback from my peers and tutors and given the opportunity to improve the poster using this constructive criticism.

type specimen blog post.jpg


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