Rockwell Type Specimen Poster

I sketched a range of different ideas and chose two of my favourite designs and decided to try and incorporate them to improve the design. By researching into the font Rockwell I was able to see what the typeface is used for, it is good for headings as it is a heavy font. Therefore I have created this in my poster by using a large point size for the heading ‘Rockwell’ and for other aspects of the poster i.e. the date it was created and certain letters. I have made the Q and the A big and only put in the bottom of the Q to show how the tail is underneath the bowl of the Q and the top of the A to show the bar at the top of the apex. I decided to cut the bottom of the ‘rock’ and the top of the ‘well’ as it is such a strong font even with half of the letters missing you can still read what it says. I also like how I have put my three paragraph research in between the heading ‘rockwell’ as I think it suggests the contexts inside the poster. I have chosen to put the quote in italic to show how it’s speech, and chosen that quote “a strong typeface for headlines and posters” as I think that it sums up the typeface well. 1934 is the date that Rockwell was created but I have also included it so you are able to see the style of the typeface in number form. The image I decided to use is Malibu as this is a product that uses Rockwell in their logo. This is the first time I have used indesign and I think it is a good project to use for this as I was able to use grids to design the layout of my poster. I think that using grids makes the poster look more professional and aesthetically pleasing. By using the grid system it can create continuity and a flush over all outcome.




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