Specimen Poster Sketches

By researching into the font Rockwell and existing Rockwell specimen poster I was able to see what I thought worked with the specimen posters and what didn’t work as well. I like how some parts of a typeface are visible, for example the bar at the apex of the A and the tail at the bottom of the Q, I think this highlights important features of the typeface. I would like my three paragraphs to be separate as I think that Rockwell works better in smaller pieces of text rather than a load of text together as it is a heavy typeface. Although my layout design may vary depending on the amount of text that I have to put on the specimen poster. There fore I think I may have to take my design to the computer and start planning using creative cloud and may have to then go back to my sketchbook once I know how much text I will be including. The image I will use is the Malibu Rum logo as I think that this is used well as Rockwell is a strong bold font that is good for titles/headlines and I will make sure I use a black and white image so it follows the brief. I like how ‘1934’ is larger than the rest of the writing as this is the year that Rockwell was designed, but it also shows Rockwell numbers.blog-specimen-poster-sketches


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