Layout, Hierarchy & The Grid


We started to look at how different contrasts of layouts worked. Depending on the purpose of the pieces, we experimented with all kinds of materials and compositions.  When doing this I needed to consider contrast, balance and a clear path for the eye to read. We looked at layouts of text and how type setting can be aligned, the hierarchy of headings/sub headings, the layout of using a grid and briefly touching on the golden section.

Pages can be split into grids, so there is consistency throughout a book, magazine, newspaper etc. A piece of text can either be in a single grid or across a few grids. Images can also follow the grid system, whether it is a single one or across multiple grids though they have more leeway and able to go off the page. We began to research magazines and how they have been fitted in to the grid system. One of the magazines I was looking at, has been split into 12 grids. This included some pages having four columns of writing, which split up into one column being over three grids. The headings and sub headings follow the grid system although these are usually a lot bigger and bolder than the rest of the text and cover more than just one grid.

layout hierarchy and grid.jpg

Looking at some type specimen posters I started to label some type settings within the layout. For example whether it is centre type, flush right, whether the text is full of holes or has a bad rag etc. By doing this I am able to see how the type setting has been aligned to fit different layout posters. This will help me when designing my type specimen poster for the type face Rockwell.



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