Hybrid Typography

Hybrid Typography consists of two existing typefaces, 1 serif and 1 san serif merged together to create it’s own letter form. I chose the word dissolve to experiment this method with, I  started with a serif font, and as the word went from left to right the serifs ‘dissolved’ out into a serif font. I used a dotting technique to create the effect of the word ‘dissolving’ away. I thought this looked visually aesthetic and portrayed the word ‘dissolve’ well, although this was too much like imagery and didn’t show hybrid fonts well enough.

blog post hybrid typography.jpg

We were given a brief to create a 6 word story inspired by Roald Dahl using hybrid typography, by this I was able to try and portray hybrid typography in a more clear and correct way. I chose the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as this is one of my favourite by Roald Dahl. I explored a range of possible 6 word stories and the one I decided to go with was ‘Your magical ticket to chocolate heaven’. I felt that this was a good story line to describe the film as a whole. I began to think about layouts and the way I could create the hybrid typography. I looked at Type Snap to help give me inspiration and ideas and looked through the adobe fonts to see what would suit my story title best. I chose the fonts ‘Bodoni 72’ which is a serif font and ‘Savoye LET Plain:1.0’ which is a sans serif font. I chose the sans serif font as it is a script style which represents the words ‘magical’ and ‘heaven’ well and when merged with the serif font creates a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory feel as the letter forms look fun and exciting. I decided to position the text central and getting larger in size, I did this because it makes the text seem louder and more exciting but also the idea of ‘the stairway to heaven’.


I think that this task has given me more of an understanding of hybrid fonts, but also how powerful typefaces can be on their own without using any imagery. This is the first time I have used illustrator, I found it took a while to get to know the tools but I like how diverse illustrator can be for typography.


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