Cardiff in Typographic Forms

I have researched some terminology to help identify a range of typographic styles, I used the website I Love Typography and the book Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton to help my research. By doing this I have become more familiar with different typographic forms and able to identify them.

We got set three words, mine were Slab Serif, Clarendon and Transitional and set out on a typographic hunt in Cardiff City Centre to take photos of Typographic Forms in the style of our three words. We all chose a letter from our photographs that we collected to cut out the typeface in coloured card to create our Cardiff typography wall.

By doing this I have learnt that ‘Cardiff in Typographic Forms’ isn’t something as obvious as the well known landmarks. By collecting material from Cardiff and creating this innovative typography piece it just as much represents Cardiff than a photo of the Millennium stadium would, this critical way of thinking that I want to take from this.



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