Summer Project

Over the summer we got set a Summer Project to complete to introduce ourselves to Cardiff School of Art and Design. The brief was to use the first initial of your name whilst including three questions that you must answer in the project.

1. A fact about yourself

2. Someone that inspires you

3.Why you wanted to study as Cardiff School of Art and Design

The ‘Vogue‘ is a fact about me as I have a strong interest in fashion and it is my favourite magazine. I love the layout and house style of Vogue as well as the content. I have the word Vogue in the font they use at the top of the ‘I’ to create the look of the Vogue masthead on a magazine as it is instantly recognisable. I chose the illustrator Hattie Stewart as someone who inspires me as I love her bright and bold style and they way she expresses herself through art and fashion. I love the way that she ‘doodles’ on magazine covers and I think this linked in well with my interest in fashion. I have created a skyline of Cardiff though using famous landmarks, this is because I did my foundation year in Cardiff Arts Academy and I really enjoyed the course as well as studying in the city. We also came over to Cardiff School of Art and Design a couple of times to do workshops and liked the feel as soon as I worked here. This is the reason I chose to study at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

I enjoy using computer manipulation but I also love working with hand rendered pieces so I wanted to combine these techniques in the summer project. I started out by sketching a design and then creating the piece on photoshop. I liked the over all design but felt that it looked too busy with the amount of things going on within the design so started to put different elements on separate layers. I printed the layers out on paper and painted the layers with acrylic paint, the bright colours made the piece fun and exciting which is what I wanted to communicate. Where I cut the pieces out with a scalpel they became quite fragile, when I painted them with acrylic paint and started to layer the piece it made it a lot stronger. I like the detail and the way that I have tackled the brief to create a piece that represents me, I enjoyed the project and thought it was a good way to introduce yourself and get to know other people.

summer project.jpg


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